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UDA - Unified Design Application

Welcome to UDA - Unified Design Application, where innovation meets inclusivity! Our mission is to revolutionize education in Indonesia by empowering teachers with the tools and knowledge to create truly inclusive classrooms. In a nation where inclusive education is still emerging, UDA stands as a beacon of hope for students with diverse abilities.

Innovative AI Integration

UDA utilizes AI technology to automate lesson planning, offer personalized recommendations, and provide real-time feedback to educators, saving time and tailoring resources for diverse needs.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Principles

UDA prioritizes UDL principles, making education accessible to all learners. It guides teachers in creating inclusive environments that promote flexibility, engagement, and representation, empowering them to address diverse student needs effectively.

Community Collaboration and Networking

UDA fosters a vibrant community of educators committed to inclusive education in Indonesia. Through networking features, teachers connect, share best practices, and collaborate on innovative strategies, driving positive change in schools and communities and empowering impactful teaching.

Problems we are tackling

Before delving into the solutions provided by our app, it's crucial to recognize the significant challenges hindering inclusive education in Indonesia. These obstacles not only limit access to education for children with disabilities but also impede the efforts of teachers striving to create inclusive learning environments. Here are a few descriptions highlighting the pressing issues:

  • Children with disabilities in Indonesia continue to face multiple barriers to education. Almost 30 percent of children with disabilities do not have access to education, and 11.6 percent of districts (60 out of 514 districts) do not have special schools able to support nearby inclusive schools. (UNICEF, 2020).
  • A lack of user-friendly guidelines inhibits teachers from being able to implement inclusive edu. Instruments developed by Indonesia Ministry of Education is often limited due to their length and complexity by teachers who would prefer access to simpler instruments(Mujahid, Yamtinah, and Akhyar, 2019).

Addressing these issues head-on, our app endeavors to provide practical solutions and support systems that empower educators and promote inclusive education for all children in Indonesia.

Our Solutions: Streamlining Inclusive Education

In response to the critical challenges hindering inclusive education in Indonesia, our mobile application offers a holistic set of solutions aimed at empowering educators and fostering inclusive learning environments.

User-Friendly Guidelines and Simplified Teaching Resources: Our mobile app provides educators with accessible guidelines and simplified teaching resources, making it easier for teachers to implement inclusive education practices in their classrooms.

Comprehensive Features: From Teacher Professional Development/Training to Teaching Instruments/Resources, Students Profile and Identification, Lesson Design and Modules, Discussion Platforms, and Collaboration with Experts, our application encompasses a wide range of features designed to address the diverse needs of educators.

Tailored Solutions: Our solutions are directly informed by pre-surveys and interviews, ensuring that we address the specific challenges and support needs identified by educators on the ground. By providing a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, we aim to empower teachers to create inclusive learning environments where every student can thrive.

Seizing Inclusive Education Opportunities in Indonesia

  • From 2015 to 2023, Indonesia witnessed a remarkable increase in inclusive schools, soaring from 3,610 to an impressive 44,477, driven by Ministry of Education Policy No. 70/2009. However, only a fraction of these schools, less than 12.6 percent, have adequately trained teachers in inclusive education, according to Hata, Yowono, Purwana, & Nomura (2021).

In light of this growth, our focus is clear: to equip educators with the necessary skills and resources to meet the needs of all learners. Through our app, we aim to narrow the gap by providing accessible training and support for teachers, ensuring that the rise in inclusive schools translates into meaningful opportunities for every child in Indonesia.


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Co-Founder, CEO

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Co-Founder, COO


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